Prayer & Praise 2018

Group 3 Day 3 Power Prayer January 25, 2018

  • Prayers for Lilly to receive spiritual freedom. Brian and Betsy.
  • Praise Beth had a opportunity to share gospel.
  • Praying for wisdom for Bobby 
  • Praise for Bobby conversation with Josh 
  • Prayers for strength and for protection for the guys
  • Prayers for our families at home protection  and for peace. 
  • Prayers for Tim’s father Dee to learn to see the power of prayer.
  • Prayers for the families who we reached out to on the joy tour. Prayers for the pastors who are going to be serving and reaching them. 
  • God would continue to work with the power relationships of the different men and different kingdom paths.
  • Pray for pastor Moises and His Dad that you would unify their vision and plans for ministry


Group 3 Day 2 Power Prayer January 24, 2018

  • Praise: miraculous healing for a friend of Adam  Freund.  
  • Adam Freund friend Blake marriage in crisis and feeling depressed 
  • Moise Rodriquez – relationship with his Dad and for him and his dad to get on the same page and have the same vision for the future of the church. 
  • Chuck Cram – son and his girlfriend Deejo been asking for years that they would come to know the Lord. Praise God that he  is moving and answering our prayers. 
  • praying for Beth as she is serving a friend who is 
  • Daniel’s Basic training boot camp coming up in April. Plus healing for his leg.
  • Clark’s back is tender and praying that it hold strong for the trip. 
  • Praise for Clark’s Mom that she was able to get to the hospital. 
  • Pastor Mario – ask for prayer for Reynosa recent drug issues and president trump tweet against Mexico and Reynosa 
  • Pray for Reynosa for safety for the people safety for Alianza Church and for power ministry and the work there. 


Group 3 Day 1 Power Prayer January 23, 2018

-Prayers for healings for Doug Bailey granddaughter Hannah (sick with the flu)
-Prayers for healing for Bobby Bieber (came down with a head cold)
-Prayers for healing for Doug King
-Prayers for the weather to be favorable for the festival on Saturday.
-Prayers for safety for our families at home
-Prayers for safety for everyone on the trip
-Prayers for all the guys who went on week 1 & 2 that they would transition well and that they would carry it forward.
-Prayers for our Country
-Prayers for the people who will be served this week.
-Praise for safe travel
-Praise for another opportunity to serve

God is faithful! He brought us all together once again to bring glory to Him!


Group 2 Day 6 Power Prayer January 22, 2018

-Week 3 team: for a great trip.
-Power Leadership returning: For rest and strength to serve one more week. Also for several other men who will be staying for another week.
-Big Heart Orphanage: Prayer about a decision of whether or not to take on another children’s home.
-Adam Freund’s significant other – Back pain
-Glen Small’s Father Sam – Surgery tomorrow for a corroted artery
-Rick Booth’s wife Sue: Safe travel to Portland
-Hector at Senda de Vida: Guatamalen friend who was harassed physically – for refugee status.

2018 week 2 was an overall great trip with so many experiences. We heard so much of what God is doing through faithful missionaries in Mexico. New relationships among the team were made and others strengthened. We saw God at work in so many ways.

Incredible messages of perhaps the greatest message for our lives: to live by faith. Doug Husen has a gift for the application of Scripture and we were all challenged and encouraged increasingly with each morning’s message.

Group 2 Day 5 Power Prayer January 21, 2018

Al Crescensiod son Noah killed a dog pray. Please pray for family for Noah and seeks trust in the lord as he deals with the consequences

Chuck Cram. Praise report for Tammy Kat reaction to medication airlifted and fine.

Another good day of being a blessing.

Bless family and children Pray for Bringing different people and families together

For Refugio de Ninos and protection for this compound. Spiritual and physical battle. A refuge for physical and spiritual protection.

Jason fenders brother Tom with stage 4 brain cancer for him and his family and for the holy spirits will in this effort. Tom Fender (Jason Fender’s brother) Brain cancer – stage 4 – 45 years old – inoperable (2 years in) – He originally got 6 month-2 years. Experimental treatments.

Lead Pastor Nazarene Church Zillow WA
Wife & 4 Kids (26 oldest 15 youngest).
Pray for things at home in Iowa and wisdom for people to take care of things

For Ed’s wife Laurie pain around her knee

Pray for the team here and perseverance to go the extra distance and seek the light of the Father

Pray for the week 3 team.

Pray for those that have been here to be refreshed and vibrant for week 3 team

Al and his wife lifted up for their challenges with Noah

Healing for those that are sick

Pray for first week

Pray for the people we will honor tomorrow. Prepare their hearts and ours

Prayer for unspoken prayers

Rocio studies to be an attorney

Irene discerning Gods will for the next step after college

Our children and Chuck Cram

Group 2 Day 3 Power Prayer January 19, 2018

Adam Friend – employee Patty Carson major surgery
Ronnie Eubank- week asking for strength
Howie Thomlinson- having issues with A foot and fell and has a swollen Arm from a fall
Terry employee – been sick for a week asking prayer effecting her family
Ben Sullivan prayer for Larry Tyson Colon 73 years old declining Chemo
Damian Nevatt- brother Trevor major surgery lots of set back with all of the surgeries he has been out of work wife lost job 4 months. Mother has been paying the bills for a year. Damian has been estranged a lengthy a time
Asking for Clarity , healing Heath issue and employment so mom can stop feeling guilty
Greg B- Faith Mission replacement for Pat and Sandra
Chuck- 22 year old deaf son has been away Lord for years in rebellion long standing prayer for reconciliation
Scott- pray for Laredo missions
Pray for Chucks son Micah to come on this trip in the future

Group 2 Day 2 Power Prayer January 18, 2018
Pastor Mario is praying for the city of Reynosa… and his congregation at Alianza. They have fear and are torn in their hearts by the influence of the drug cartels. Please pray for the staff of the church and school- God’s leading and guiding, provision and blessing.
Ben Sullivan – has a situation weighing on his heart… from the homeless ministry on week one with Dave Johnson. Dwayne- is homeless, age 32, in San Antonio, estranged from family, needs power over drug use. Dwayne wants God to show up. Please pray for a breakthrough and that he will reconcile with his parents.
Praying for strength for Perez family while fasting. God please speak to them in dreams and whispers. Lead and guide them and grant them the desires of their heart.
Scott Thon – is praising God with the blessing of being together as men in harmony. Asking God to bless us with productivity.
Chuck – praying for all the Power men for stamina and energy provided by God’s Spirit. Inviting God to be the master foreman.
Robert – is praying for his own spiritual life and to discern God’s will for the future… especially as it relates to ministry and the impact on his family.
Please pray for a nephew named Frankie who is just nine years old and has had a rough upbringing. May God heal the hurts in his life and draw him to a very real and personal relationship.
Ken Sutton – has been reading the book of Revelation, we miss what’s important in our nation. As men of God, help us to stand with courage. What we are accomplishing this week… May we have the resolve to continue when home. Ability to suffer well. Hope.
Praying for Julio Azamar – Lord God, please meet this pastor’s deepest needs as he suffers the loss of his wife. Guard his heart during the times of loneliness.

Group 2 Day 1 Power Prayer January 17, 2018
Grove prayer- grandmother
Zimel – blood in urine
Bruxvourts- mom has cancer
Sizemore- prayer for father who had a stroke
Howie Thomlinson- friend Michael with blood Clots in lungs
Chuck -.friend dating ex-wife daughter 20 on suicide watch (demonic ) attack Lily
Mooney – NAVY task group going to North Korea
Eubank- pray for our struggling nation unity
Chuck – pray for spouses that Satan don’t attack our home
Moose- extend prayer to homes
Husen- praise side on the long time of getting guys to come on this trip – young guys coming to see the magic of the trip
Etenne – just a prayer for attendance
Vance Luke – for his stability as he fell last week
Patty Suttle for dermatology exam this week
Booth- pray for family after death of his Brother
Pray for the week for all of us on the trip
Davis- Dave Jens Brain tumor
Small- pray we will shine in everything , and we see God show up this week. Remind us that we walk by faith.

Group 1 Day 6 Power Prayer January 16, 2018
Power Leadership stamina and strength for next two weeks of trips
Sheldon Hahn’s son
Vance Luke asked that the Lord would keep him strong until you call him home, and for his kids, grandkids, great grandkids and great great grandkids to grow closer to the Lord
Ed Predota’s daughter Rebecca
Martin’s son Ethan
Magdiel Bible Institute student
Guys would keep the Faith going for the next year
David Collier’s son Joel would go on Power next year
Rob List’s son Robbie, a Power guy, to have hip surgery
Mark Cygan asked for prayer for daughter Lindy and husband Will’s new role as Outreach Pastors, and my kids and grandkids would grew closer to God.

Praise from John Cowan on the medical issues that came up on the trip were not serious and are all going as well as can be expected, and thanks for new guys coming from GA
Praise God for answer to prayer for safe travel in ice storm tonight

Group 1 Day 5 Power Prayer January 15, 2018
Lincoln Yee – Cough may be turning into bronchitis
Ed Nelson – returned home to comfort his son whose grandmother passed
Jasmin – Struggle with alcohol
Prayer for Starkie’s Mom Sonia’s failing health and his Father Steve
Jude (person in hotel who joined us for prayer) asked for annointing to teach youth group and inviting the Holy Spirit into his ministry and that God is going to use him in ministry and deliver him from temptations.
Abraham (Jude’s father who also joined us) – Asst. Pastor that has a passion to minister to Hopi Indians in Northern AZ. Resources for his business so he can focus on ministry.
Trey Furhman – a young man in Robert Nuttall’s church was badly injured by an airbag.
Mychael Hill (friend of Howey Tomlinson – 2nd week Power guy), is in ICU with blood clots in both lungs (He knows the Lord).
Magdiel Bible Institute – that our time with students would be blessed, and be with Pastor Mario as he preaches and encourage the students
Continued healing for Jeff Zimble
Prayer for family of Robert Nuttall and all our pastors
Pastor Ernesto Criollo’s New Bethel Church, his family and people of Rome, GA and all our pastors and home churches.
Safe travel to San Antonio for week 1, and week 2 traveling to Del Rio
Rick Hall asked for prayer to identify and mentor young leaders to continue his ministry

Praise that God for great today in worship at Alianza Cristiana Church
Praise Sheldon Hahn’s daughter Cheryln is doing better, but continue to pray for her health and daughter Lela.

Group 1 Day 4 Power Prayer January 14, 2018
Doug’s sister Julie – health
Louie’s wife Nita – infection in sinus, fatigued
Jeff Zimble – healing
Magdiel Bible Institute – God would deliver a word to each of the students through each individual Power guy
Gabryelle Elayne’s health Mark Cygan’s Ultrasound
Sheldon Hahn’s daughter Cheryln – asked for prayer for pain
That Power men would be open to God’s work in their lives and that it would continue throughout the year and not diminish in one month
Heath Baker – Power guy that was not able to be on trip this year, but would like prayer that he could be able to go next year

Praise for Van Luke’s testimony today
Praise Kevin Bugingo’s wife Nikki is feeling better
Dave Moench – Dad is home after pacemaker rewire
Praise that God brought two Power guys together with similar interests and challenges, including both adopting nieces and nephews

Group 1 Day 3 Power Prayer January 13, 2018
Jeff Zimble – health issues
Kevin Bugingo – health issues with wife and kids, and our pastor Jonathan
Prison ministry visit on Monday
Bibles that Jay Tavarez
God’s work in our lives on this Trip would carry on in our lives after this week
Prayer for the ministries of Alliance Cristiana Church in Reynosa and Power guys sharing their testimonies there on Sunday.
Prayer for our home churches that they would have a great worship on Sunday
Pray for Bobby Schuler as the new pastor at Irvine Presbyterian Church

We prayed for Martin Foster and Mark Enz yesterday and they are well today
We had safe travel to McAllen

Group 1 Day 2 Power Prayer January 12, 2018
Rick Booth’s Brother passed away
Starkie’s Mom Sonia is imminently nearing the end of her 14 year battle with Alzheimer’s
Dave Moench’s Dad Bill’s health is failing
Charleen Ehlers, Principle Missionary at Faith Mission in Del Rio, health challenge
For Derek Martin’s brother John that God would break the chains of addiction
Pat Schmeling – Healing from pain
Healing for men on Power that are sick including; Martin Foster and Tim Small
Joshua – man in wheelchair at Strong Tower Church in Acuña
Sister Blanca’s family in severe poverty and that her husband would come to faith
Vance Luke asking for God’s knowledge in what to share in his testimony in Sunday Service
Praying for all testimonies in Sunday Service to have a real impact on those at the service and beyond
Joy Tour impacts
Relevant Church Men’s group vision and effect for 2018

Carol Cygan had less pain in Dr. appointment today
Thank you Lord for all the testimonies and stories we heard today of You working in people’s lives in miraculous ways

Group 1 Day 1 Power Prayer January 11, 2018
That we arrived in Del Rio safely.

The Lord’s peace for Family of Dennis Parrish – who passed away
Trevor’s wife Brittaney – Doctors properly diagnose and treat her broken foot
Healing in Rob’s son’s hip
Pat Schmeling – that we all understand our role in Sharing Christ
That men on Power stay healthy, as well as, our families at home
Mark’s wife Carol – Fatigue
Bob Hope and his wife as he fights a blood problem
Salvation for our family members who do not personally know the Lord
Tom Lyon and family healing from vehicle accident
Itse Del Castillo – Cancer
Robert Nuttall – Nieces and Church
God, please help every man remain healthy and strong on this trip.